Thursday, July 22, 2010

Maggi Gets the Moolah!

A regular stubby 'chota bottle' of Limca is for MRP Rs.6 /- But most shopkeepers sell it Rs.10. Why? Because any shop or restaurant can claim a surcharge on any product if it is combined with a special service, in this case, the storage and refrigeration.
Keeping this in mind, I was ready to shell out a few extra bucks when I called for Maggi in my office canteen (imagine the excitement in my head... yummylicious Maggi noodles at 4 pm!!!)
I frowned when I was charged Rs.15 for a plate. Not so bad, I thought, considering that a packet is sold for Rs.10 anyway and the canteen is charging extra for its 'microwaving service'. A few bites and slurps later I completely forgot about the surcharge. I would have paid a thousand bucks for that heavenly shit!

Today my colleague and best friend Sneha tells me that the canteen actually prepares only half a packet of Maggi per plate. Reality bites!!! They're selling Maggi worth Rs.5 and making 200% profit on it! And for what? The goddamn microwaving? Or the creative presentation??? (note the sarcasm). I wonder how anybody can misuse such an honest product and cheat those who've been enjoying it since childhood. Shame on you, canteen!

That brings me to another point. Mocha Mojo, a famous cafe in Bandra sells Maggi Noodles (under its rightful brand name) in various flavours. E.g. BBQ Maggi comes with BBQ sauce, american corn, tofu and mushrooms - delicious, but definitely overpriced @Rs.125. Read my full review here - burrp! Mumbai

I'm not going to let commercialization taint my love for Maggi. I've decided to have Maggi in it's purest form, just the way mom used to make it with hot water and the Tastemaker... yummy!!!