Friday, May 8, 2015

Maggi Sandwich For The Hungry Soul

My friends in hostels and PGs would relate to this. After all, Maggi and bread are the two staples available at any time...even if there's no other food in the house, there's Maggi to the rescue!

And for those hungry souls who get a midnight pang, they simply toast some bread and fill it with their favourite Maggi. I can't wait to try this funny combination.

But let me ask you..why stop at that? If you're really hungry, go ahead and add some cheese slices to this sandwich. Lettuce leaves make for a healthy excuse. But if you don't have iceberg or Romaine, add the freshness factor with the help of green capsicum (thinly sliced), shredded carrot, or even finely chopped onion or green peas. Use your imagination!



  1. I myself live in a hostel..... The recent ban has been really heavy on us!!

  2. the recent ban has been really tough on us.... Pls check out views on this

  3. Hello, the ban on Maggi has been heartbreaking for all of us but I'm sure it will be lifted at the right time, with a product that's safe and delicious :)