Saturday, July 25, 2009

Magic Potion

Last night my parents were off to Indumati aunty's place for dinner. Dina was getting restless. There was 'nothing good to eat'. She was not going to settle for parval and chana with roti and dal! Even my body was craving for some oily, spicy comfort food. So I suggested we call for Chinese food from Sad-guru. (Sadguru is a popular udipi joint which also serves the best desi-Chinese).

I was just about to dial the digits when something told me 'Stop'! It sounded like my huffy neighbour who believes in the no-spending-wonly way of life! Anyway, it was the noise inside my head. 'Stop! Look at you! That hideous double-chin... that, that widening belly... that fat butt! Ugh! You are never going to get a good husband'. Frantically, I called mom and asked her for the recipe of low-calorie low-fat low-carb Vegetable broth. Dina didn't seem too happy when I told her what I was up to. After chopping veggies unevenly, boiling incorrectly, and spilling the broth all over the stove, I managed to pour it into bowls. It tasted delicious, or so I believe. Could have been better with some salt maybe? Two bowls filled me up, and I bet it was the healthiest meal I had had in the last twelve months! Look, it's got zero fat, zero cholestrol. It has lots of fibre and vitamins. And the hot water doubles as a detoxifier. I really hope I can have this healthy potion every night....